Compression Tester


0 – 21bar   14 & 18mm spark plug thread

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Compression Tester Multi-Fit

The long flexible hose makes it suitable for SOHC & DOHC.
The dual thread hose adaptor suits most of the cars.
The o-ring seal of the adaptor just need to be hand tight.
Large and clear read-out gauge with a 260º sweep.
The compression reading is saved till the pressure relief valve is depressed.
Dual compression scales: 0 - 300psi / 0 - 21bar
• Suits  M14x1.25 & M18x1.5 spark plug thread
• Robust plastic body
• 350mm long flexi hose
• Handy pressure release valve

Manufacturer:  Optilux         Made in Taiwan

An adaptor is required for many European cars, the late models Nissan and most motorbikes.
Not suitable for diesel engines.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 290 × 150 × 45 mm