Gear Knob Automatic Transmission

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Multi-fit with 3 grab screws



Gear Knob  Automatic Transmission

A special gear knob designed to suit the automatic gearbox levers.
It puts a sporty and modern touch to the traditionally odd looking automatic handpiece.
This alloy gear knob has an anodised rough cast finish with chrome and rubber inserts.
The large gear release push button on top and the bottom cap are chromed.
A universal model fixed with 3 grab-screws at 120 ° spacing.
Supplied with 2 grab screw lengths to suit various gear lever diameter.
The overall length is 105 mm, the outside diameter is 45 mm.
The internal hole is 53 mm deep with a 15 mm ID
Available in black or silver.

Manufacturer:  Autotecnica    Made in China

Note:  It is not designed to take an overdrive button.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 205 × 85 × 55 mm


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